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Entering a New Sales Order

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Entered Wed, 26 Sep 2001 16:39 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 14 Aug 2006 13:46

Go to Order Entry -> New Sales Order.

This option is used to enter a new sales order for a customer.

Most companies will enter a sales order, print a packing slip, supply the goods (dispatch) and then generate an invoice. FastBase caters for various ways of doing this so that some or all of these processes are manual and some are automatic. See Utilities - Module: Order Entry and Setup.dat - Sales Orders for details on configuring FastBase.

Enter the customer number or start of their name to do a standard search.
Once the customer has been selected a standard credit check is performed. See Customer Credit Control Details.
If the customer has special sales messages then these are displayed. You may be given the option to copy these messages to the "Public Notes" field of the order. See Customer Account Details about entering a sales message and other ordering preferences.

For most sales orders you only need to enter the customer. Once done click on the "Save" button to proceed to line item entry.

Order Header Details
Entering Line Items
Order Confirmation

Dispatch Goods
Invoicing Sales Orders

See Re-printing a Packing Slip, Releasing Backordered Goods for more details.

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