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Releasing Backordered Goods

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Entered Fri, 5 Oct 2001 15:49 by Peter Campbell
Updated Wed, 30 Oct 2002 15:16

Normally after receipting goods into stock FastBase will display all stock lines that can be released, the user makes any changes and prints the packing slips (see Purchasing - Receipting Goods).

If you have receipted goods into stock and need to manually release backordered goods then select the option Transactions - Order Entry - Release Backordered Goods.

This will display a screen prompting for the product range to release (default all products) and the supply branch, make your selections then click on "Process".

The next screen shows all products that have active backorders, beside each item is a note which says either "Stock allocated automatically." or "Select line to allocate stock manually.".

The system allocates stock automatically when the available quantity is greater than or equal to the quantity backordered.

Select any product to view or maintain the allocated quantities.

When finished click on Generate Packing Slips, you will then be asked where you want to print them.

Each printed packing slip should then be packed by the storeperson, then optionally dispatched before invoicing.

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