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Order Header Details

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Entered Mon, 14 Jul 2003 11:41 by Peter Campbell
Updated Fri, 2 Sep 2005 10:05

Customer Order No:
Enter the customer's order number. You will be given an opportunity to enter this at a later stage if it is not provided now.

Enter the salesperson responsible for this order. This defaults to the salesperson recorded on the customer and need not be changed.
Note: this is a different field to the operator. The operator is recorded automatically.

Supply Branch:
This defaults to the user's branch. You can change this to another branch if the order has no active stock lines.

Order Taken By:
Select the option that best represents how the order was taken. Options include Counter, Phone, Fax, Web Site, Email, Sales Rep or Other. This field will be used for some order analysis. The default method can be saved in the setup file. see Setup.dat - Sales Orders for more details.

Once you have reached this point you can click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the screen, do this if no changes are required from their default values. See "Order Entry - Line Items" for further instruction.

Quote Reference:
This is an optional field. Enter any reference details as required.

Confirmation Required:
This defaults to "None". If confirmation is required then specify if by Email, Phone or Fax.

Order Date:
This defaults to today's date. Enter any date if the order was taken on a previous day.

Contact Details

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Updated Fri, 2 Sep 2005 09:59

Delivery Name/Address:
This is set to the customers default delivery name and address details.
Enter any one-off changes for this order or press F1 to select from the customer's list of delivery addresses.

Customer Contact/Phone/Fax/Email:
These details are automatically copied from the customer record. Enter any changes as required for this order.

Delivery/Pricing Details

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Updated Fri, 2 Sep 2005 10:05

Forward Order:
If this order is a forward order then enter "Yes" and the date the order is to be released/shipped to the customer.

When entering forward orders the user does not have to specify how to supply all stock during order entry. The stock can be set as unsupplied. The result will be that the stock is not held so it can be released to other customers.

Consolidate Orders:
If the customer wants all goods shipped together than select "Yes". The order confirmation and all packing slips will print a note saying "SHIP ALL GOODS TOGETHER WITH INVOICE (NOT PACKING SLIPS)" as a reminder to the user packing/shipping the goods.

Goods supplied now or later (backordered) will also print a packing slip in the usual manner except the packing slip will have the above note. This is done to ensure all goods are still picked and allocated to the customer. Some internal handling procedures may be required to fully implement this correctly.

Single Invoice Only:
If the customer requires one invoice, regardless of how the goods are dispatched then select "Yes".
The system will not allow invoicing of individual packing slips, instead the system will only display the order for invoicing once all goods have been shipped.

Other Notes

Document 103443/4

Updated Mon, 14 Jul 2003 11:48

Public Notes:
Any notes entered here can be printed on the order confirmation or packing slip. Check with your FastBase support staff about printing these notes.

Delivery Instructions:
Enter any notes here specific to delivery, by default these notes won't be printed.
When dispatching or invoicing an order these notes will be available for enquiry purposes.

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