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Setup.dat - Sales Orders

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Entered Thu, 3 Apr 2003 14:23 by Peter Campbell
Updated Tue, 11 Nov 2003 11:04

set setup(default_order_taken) "P"
The default "Order Taken By" method. Enter the default option which is currently "P" for Phone.

set setup(default_sales_followup) 0
This is the default number of days the sales follow-up date will be set to when entering an order. Leave at 0 for no follow-up date.

set setup(default_order_expiry) 30
When entering a quote the expiry date will be set to today's date plus this many days.

set setup(default_order_confirmation) ""
The default order confirmation method selected when entering a new order.
Valid options include: P "Phone", F "Fax", E "Email" (just enter the letter P, F or E).

set setup(order_supply_quantity) 0
When entering a sales line the system will automatically set the "Supplied" quantity to the ordered quantity - if there is sufficient stock at the current branch.

set setup(cancel_order_security) 5
Security level required by the user to cancel an order.

set setup(cancel_order_dispatched) 9
Security level required by the user to cancel an order - once it has been dispatched.

set setup(copy_delivery_instructions) 0
If this option is set the delivery instructions will be copied from the order header to the invoice personal message field.

set setup(order_delivery_instructions) 0
If this option is set the order confirmation screen will include a field called "Delivery Note", this is the delivery instructions entered on the order header. Sometimes it is handy to have it apear on this screen to remind the user of special instructions.

set setup(packing_slip_copies) 1
Enter the number of packing slips to print, typically this will be 1. Some systems require 2 copies. An extra stationery layout must be created for each additional copy, this allows the system to print each copy slightly differently. If the packing slip form is called "ORDER" then the second form must be called "ORDER2".

set setup(ship_to_customer) 0
When items are transferred from another branch they can be shipped direct to the customer. This value is the default, either yes (1) or no (0).

set setup(cancel_order_reason) 1
This option determines if a reason is required when an order is cancelled. This is the default.

set setup(packing_slip_supplied_only) 0
By default all packing slips include all remaining items on the order, the supplied quantity will determine if items are supplied on that packing slip.
Set this option to "1" and only supplied items will print on each packing slip (except the first packing slip that will include all items for the customers information).
Set this option to "-1" and only supplied items will print on all packing slips.

set setup(order_invoice_option) 1
This option determines if the "Generate Invoice Now?" button is displayed during order confirmation. By default it is, but only when an invoice is going to be generated by default or if the option is requested via an option in the order entry module details.
Turn this option off (0) to hide the option, this means invoices are still generated and the user cannot override it.

set setup(invoice_delivery_methods) {}
When confirming a sales order if the delivery method selected is in this list then the system will default to generating an invoice automatically rather than printing a packing slip. This emulates the behaviour of a cash sale customer.
An example of this may be: set setup(invoice_delivery_methods) {TAKEN PICKUP}
This option is ignored if the above option (order_invoice_option) is on (1).

set setup(enter_dispatch_users) 0
If this option is set then when an order is dispatched the user will be prompted to enter the "Picked By" and "Checked By" users.

set setup(enter_dispatch_dates) 0
This option is currently not used.

set setup(dispatch_create_invoice) 0
If this option is set then an invoice will be automatically generated when a packing slip is dispatched (if it meets all criteria).

set setup(quote_brand_field) 0
Set this option to include the "Brand" field on customer quotes. The brand field is a free type 50 character field and can be printed on selected forms.

set setup(order_invoice_all) 0
This option determines if all remaining items should appear on each invoice. By default only supplied lines will appear on generated invoices but if this option is set then all lines will print. This option may be used to print invoices showing items still on backorder.

set setup(invoice_pslip_ref) 0
Set this option to 1 to use the packing slip/order reference as the invoice number. The default is to use the next available invoice number (see Utilities - Transaction Numbering).

set setup(order_customer_type) 0
Set this option to 1 if you want to display the customer's type during order line item entry. Some companies want to display the customer type to help determine pricing.

set setup(order_show_invoice_no) 1
Set this option to 0 to suppress the "Invoice Number NNN" dialog box after generating an invoice from a sales order.

set setup(backorder_indent) 0
Set this option to 1 to automatically set all backordered quantities to "INDENT" during order entry. The default (0) is to allocate the quantity to an existing purchase order if one exists, otherwise use INDENT.

set setup(single_packing_slip) 0
By default all stock supplied from different branches is printed on a separate packing slip.
Set this option to 1 to have all supplied stock print on a single invoice. Only set this option when the branches don't have their own warehouses for supplying stock (eg: car stock branches).


Document 103104/2

Updated Tue, 11 Nov 2003 11:00

set setup(default_return_expiry) 30
When entering a return the expiry date will be set to today's date plus this many days.

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