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Invoicing Sales Orders

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Entered Fri, 28 Sep 2001 13:41 by Peter Campbell
Updated Wed, 7 Jan 2009 09:18

To invoice an order or packing slip select "Order Entry - Invoice Order".
Alternatively you can invoice an order from within Maintain Sales Order, select the options menu, "Create Invoice".

The next step is to select the order or packing slip to invoice.

Packing Slip:
Enter the packing slip or order number to invoice, if the packing slip can be found the system will automatically display the invoicing screen.

Supply Branch:
If you want to display all packing slips available for invoicing then select the branch (or all branches).

Once you have made your selections press the "Search" button, this will update the screen below with all selected packing slips.

Select any packing slip to invoice, if any packing slip cannot be invoiced then a reason will be displayed in the "Status" column.


A screen will be displayed showing the customer, order number and a few other fields plus all line items being invoiced.

At the bottom of the screen are the following fields:

Enter the freight charge, this will default to the freight charge entered on all packing slips being invoiced.

Invoice Date:
Enter the invoice date, this will default to today's date.

Print Invoice/Output:
Enter "Yes" to print the invoice now then select the invoice printer.

When you click on the Generate Invoice button the system will close the packing slip, complete the order (if no remaining lines), create an invoice and print it (if specified).

Additional Notes

Overseas/Export Customers (tax exempt)
Invoicing Multiple Sales Orders

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