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Maintain Sales Order

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Entered Mon, 26 May 2003 16:18 by
Updated Mon, 14 Aug 2006 13:49

Go to -> Order Entry -> Maintain Sales Order.

This option is used to search for an active sales order and maintain it.

Order Number:
Enter the order number (if known) and the order will be displayed. Otherwise, enter only part of the number (or a prefix) to view matching orders.

If you are trying to find an order for a particular customer, enter the customer here. Only orders for this customer will be displayed for selection.

If you are trying to find an order for a particular part, enter the part number here. Only orders which contain this part number will be displayed for selection.

Customer/Quote Ref:
If you know the customers order number or quote reference enter it here. Any order with a matching reference will be displayed. Enter as much of the reference number as you know. Partial matches will also be performed.

When a list of matching orders is displayed select the order you want. The order maintenance screen will be displayed. This is identical to entering a new order. See Entering a New Sales Order for more details.

If you want to add a new sales order from this screen click on the "New Order" button.

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