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Order Confirmation

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Entered Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:09 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:25

When the order is finished the user is presented with a screen prompting for dispatch details.

If any line items have been supplied then a new packing slip is created, you will be prompted for the printer to print this packing slip.

Each packing slip that exists for this order (including existing ones that won't be re-printed) are displayed on the screen prompting for the following:

Delivery Method:
Press F1 to select from the available delivery methods. See Utilities - Couriers for details about entering new delivery methods.

Freight Charge:
Enter the freight charge, this may default from the selected delivery method.
If the customer is set for no frieght charges then you will be warned if you enter a freight charge.

Click "Finish" to print the newly created packing slips and optionally another order confirmation form.

Some companies will be set to automatically generate an invoice, if this is the case an invoicing screen will be displayed; see Invoicing Sales Orders.

If the customer is a cash sales account then the invoicing screen will automatically be displayed (assuming that stock has been supplied).

If the delivery method is a special delivery method (eg: "Taken", meaning the customer has personally come in and taken the goods) then an invoice will be generated automatically also. See Utilities - Module: Order Entry and Setup.dat - Sales Orders for details about configuring the order entry module.

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