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Entering Line Items

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Entered Mon, 14 Jul 2003 11:45 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:21

When entering a new order the line item entry box will appear automatically, prompting for the following information:

Part Number:
Enter the part number or press Enter/F1 to display a part selection window - this will provide more options for finding the part you want (including description search, keyword search, type/category lookup).

If the part has a sales message this will be displayed to the user.
If the part has been disabled and superseded by another part then you will be asked if you want to use the new part. See Part Details for more information.

If you enter the part "TEXT" the screen will change to an entry box allowing an unlimited amount of text, this can be printed on the main packing slip, all packing slips or back order packing slips only.

If you enter the part "NON STOCK" the screen will prompt for a part number, description and product type. The part number and description will be free-type fields. See Setup.dat - Part Preferences for details about setting up this feature, refer to 'Non Stock'.

Once you have entered the part number the system will display stock availability details, including available stock at each location and back order details.

A button is available to do a part enquiry if required, this will display the standard FastBase part enquiry screen for the selected part.

Qty Required:
Enter the quantity required.

Supply Ex-Stock:
Enter the quantity to be supplied ex-stock, if there is available stock at the current location then no further action is required.
If there is insufficient stock at the current location a screen will display prompting you to select which location(s) to supply stock from. You will be asked to enter the quantity and whether or not you want to ship goods direct to the customer (from the other locations).
If you want to supply stock from another branch or maintain/review the supply details then press F1 while the cursor is on the "Ex-Stock" field.

Supply Ex-Backorder:
Enter the quantity to allocate against a back order, if there are no active back orders with available stock then you create an indent request.

On keying in a quantity the system will display all active purchase orders with available stock. The purchase orders will be displayed in descending due date order. Select the purchase order to allocate to then enter the quantity to allocate.

If the user selects a purchase order that has a receipt branch <> order supply branch the system will warn the user that the purchase order is being shipped to a different branch.

Note: Forward orders can be entered without specifying the supply details (Ex-Stock, Ex-Backorder). The user will be warned that no stock has been allocated and no stock will be held for this order.

Sell Price:
The sell price will default to the customer's default selling price for this item, taking into account discounts, special pricing and quantity breaks. See Customers - Discounts and Pricing for more details.

The user can override the price if required - the price will be subject to minimum margin checking to ensure items are not sold below cost.

This shows the discount% the customer is getting for this item. Special prices will show no discount.

The user can enter any discount here, subject to the usual minimum margin checks.

Line Note:
Enter a line note to have printed directly below the description on the packing slip and order confirmation.

Once all details have been entered as required click "Save", you will then be prompted to enter another part. Press Escape when finished.

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