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Customer Invoice

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Updated Fri, 21 Oct 2005 13:06

Customer invoices can be entered manually, they are also created automatically from sales orders - this is the preferred method for invoice creation - see Entering a New Sales Order for details.

Entering Manual Invoices

First see General Transaction Notes.

Enter the customer to invoice, enter their account number or start of the name to lookup the accounts.

Order Number:
Enter the customers order number. If this is not known at this stage leave it blank, you will get an opportunity to enter this again upon completion of the invoice.

Enter the salesperson, this defaults to the salesperson recorded on the customer and should not need to be changed. FastBase also records the operator entering the invoice, this is a separate field and is non-enterable.

This is the default branch the goods are being supplied from.

Internal Reference:
Enter any reference number as required, this may be a quote number or other reference. It is optional.

Invoice Date:
Enter the invoice date, this defaults to today's date (or the batch date if you have selected a batch to add this invoice to).

Click on 'Continue'.

Entering Line Items

The next screen you will have to enter the part or parts your are invoicing. A 'Line Item Entry' screen will pop up.

Part Number:
Enter the part number to invoice, if you enter the start of a part number a search screen will be displayed. Press F1 to search for using the extended search functions.
If you want to enter text to print on the invoice use the part number TEXT.
Your system may also be set-up to enter non-stock items. Consult with your system administrator for details.
Your system may also be set-up to enter non-diminishing items. See notes on Non-Diminishing Items for more details.

Once you select a part to invoice the system will display the stock availability. The system will also find the default selling price to this customer and fill in the pricing details.

Enter the quantity to sell. In most cases you will not be allowed to sell more than you have on hand.

Sell Price:
Enter the selling price and discount%.
The system will have security controls to stop items being sold below specified margins. See Utilities - Module: Accounts Receivable for details.

Line Note:
If required enter a line note, this will print on the invoice directly below the part description. This field is limited to 50 characters. Use the 'TEXT' part number to enter as much text as you like.

Once you have entered all the parts press Escape (close the window). At this stage you can now maintain any existing lines or add new ones.

Press the 'Save' button to go to the final screen.

Freight/Consignment Details

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Customer Order No:
Enter the customers order number. Some customers will require a order number and you won't be able to save the invoice until one has been provided. See Customer Preferences.

Delivery Method:
Select the delivery method for the goods. Delivery methods are defined in Utilities - Couriers.

Freight Charge:
Enter the freight charge, this may default to the charge specified on the selected delivery method. Some customers may be set-up so that freight isn't charged by default. See Customer Preferences.

Ship To Name:
Ship To Address:
This will default to the customers first/main delivery address. Press F1 to select an alternate delivery address, otherwise you can overtype the displayed address with the new delivery address for one-off deliveries.

Labels to Print:
If you have a delivery label form defined (Utilities - Stationery Layouts, reference AR/LABEL) you can print delivery labels. Enter the number required.

Personal Message:
Enter a message if required, this will print somewhere on the invoice form. This is dependent on your invoice stationery layout; see Utilities - Stationery Layouts.

Print Invoice?:
Enter 'Yes' to print the invoice. For new invoices this will default to yes but can be changed in the configuration; see Utilities - Transaction Definitions screen.

Additional Notes

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Updated Fri, 10 Jun 2005 14:46

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