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Entered Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:49 by Peter Campbell
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All forms that are printed by FastBase are defined in this utility and are called "Stationery Layouts".

Forms that can be printed by FastBase include invoices, credit notes, order confirmations, picking slips, statements, purchase orders, cheques, remittance advices and delivery labels. Some other specialised forms may be available too.

Each form can be set-up to print on a specific printer, see Utilities - Printers for details.

Some technical help exists within FastBase, including a list of all values that can be printed.

At this stage it is envisaged that all forms are set-up by your FastBase support staff, most changes should be carried out by the support staff also however minor changes could easily be made by anybody. A lot of work goes into designing each form and extreme care should be taken before making changes. The facility to save layouts to file is available to make backup copies.

Layout Design
Graphic Forms (A4)
Text Forms (lineflow)

The following documents each form type and the records or fields available:


This layout includes the following records: purchase_order, supplier, user.
The body section includes: purchase_line, part.


This layout includes: cheque, supplier.
The field cheque(words) is also available, this represents the amount in words.
The body section includes: tran, tran_apply


This layout includes: order_header, customer, operator, branch, packing_slip, courier.
The field pslip is also available, this is the packing slip number.
The body section includes: order_line, part.
The order_line array also includes QTY_BACKORDERED, QTY_SUPPLIED


This layout includes: header, customer, parent, order_header, courier, options.
The body section includes: tran, part.
The options() array currently includes the element "copy", 0 for original, 1 for copy only.


This layout includes: customer.
Additional fields include: balance(current,30,60,90,120,150,total & 90+) and period_end.
The body section includes: tran, debit, credit, running_balance.


This layout includes: header, supply_branch, receive_branch, courier.
The body includes: tran, part.


This layout is used for overseas enquiries and includes: customer, overseas_enquiry
The body includes: overseas_part


This layout is used for overseas enquiries and includes: supplier
The body includes: overseas_part

The following documents outline some commonly requested features available on most stationery layouts:

Printing Messages on Stationery Forms
Printing Stock Bin Location
Printing Supplier Part Number
Print Operator Name on Purchase Order
Print Salesperson Name on Quote/Order
Print Line/Sequence Number on Purchase Order
Wrapping long descriptions onto next line.
Print Part Description below the Part Number
Credit Note - Print Details from Original invoice

Sample Layouts

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Updated Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:47

Standard Text Layouts:

Purchase Order (text)
Invoice (text)
Order/Packing Slip (text)
Delivery Label (text)

Windows/Graphic Layouts:

Purchase Order (gdi)
Customer Invoice (gdi)
Customer Statement (gdi)

Emailing / Faxing Documents

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Updated Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:47

See Emailing Printable Documents for details.

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