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Entered Fri, 6 Jun 2003 14:58 by Peter Campbell
Updated Fri, 6 Jun 2003 15:07

Each stationery layout is split into several distinct sections as follows:

form height,width:
This must be the first command in the layout, it defines the form height and maximum width.
A typical page may be defined as "form 64,80".

header { fields/text }:
All information inside the header section is printed on every page.

body top,w1 bottom,w2 { fields/text }:
This section defines the size and contents of the body window.
The top and bottom values represent the row numbers of the body section.
The values w1,w2 represent the starting and ending column numbers for text and comments, text will automatically wrap within this defined width.
Typically the w1,w2 values will define the description column so notes only appear
within this column, ie: they don't encroach on the quantity and price columns of an invoice or order form.

freight { fields/text }:
This optional section is used to display the freight and/or surcharge within the body of the layout.

footer { fields/text }:
All information inside the footer section is printed on the last page only.

There are some differences between Graphic Forms (A4) and Text Forms (lineflow) but the following notes apply in general to both types. See the example forms for further help.

To place text on the form do the following: text "message" row,column

To place a field on the form do the following: field field_name row,column size
The size represents the width and height of the field plus the formatting.
For numeric fields this is size.[decimal places], eg: 10.2 = 9999999.99
For date fields the size is D, D8, DX where D = DD/MM/YYYY, D8 = DD/MM/YY, DX = DD month YYYY.
For one line fields simply put the length of the field, eg: 20
For multi-line fields put the length,height; eg: for an address the size could be 50,4.

For a list of the all the available field names log into FastBase, select 'Utilities - Stationery Layouts' then select a layout. Push the Help button.

To define fields to print within the body section use the same field definition except
row,column is replaced with just the column number. The row number is worked out dynamically.

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