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Print Part Description below the Part Number

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Entered Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:02 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 14 Apr 2003 09:38

The description can be printed on the line below the part number field by setting the extra variable to the description. Some layouts use the extra variable for displaying back order details, line notes and other details.

The following code will put the description directly below the part number, any further notes will print below that:

if {$extra != ""} { set extra "\n$extra" }
set extra "$part(NAME)$extra"

For purchase orders replace "extra" with "purchase_line(TEXT)".
For customer quotes replace "extra" with "order_line(TEXT)".

Additional notes or extra description fields can be printed below the first line also.
The following example prints the product extra detail field on a purchase order:

if {$part(EXTRA_DETAIL) != ""} {
if {$purchase_line(TEXT) != ""} { set purchase_line(TEXT) "\n$purchase_line(TEXT)" }
set purchase_line(TEXT) "$part(EXTRA_DETAIL)$purchase_line(TEXT)"

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