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General Transaction Notes

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The FastBase 'Transactions' menu is used to enter all sorts of day to day transactions. These include invoices, receipts, payments, journals etc.

All transactions are defined in the utilities menu, see Utilities - Transaction Definitions. Some transactions have reference numbers allocated automatically, these numbers are also defined in the utilities menu, see Utilities - Transaction Numbering.

Some transactions can be set-up for quick entry. These transactions will be displayed in the top part of the 'Transactions' menu, when you select one of these options the system will go straight into entering that transaction.

Most transactions don't need to be set-up for quick entry, these will be found within each module under the 'Transactions' menu. When you click on one of these the computer will display all the batches for the current period. Select any batch to maintain the transactions within it or click on the 'New' button to create a new batch.

A batch can contain transactions for any date within the same month as the batch header. Transactions are stored within batches so that they can be grouped together and the system can keep track of their status.

Entering Transactions

A user entering a customer invoice (usually a quick entry transaction) will simply click on the 'Transactions' menu then select 'Customer Invoice'. Follow the instructions found here: Customer Invoice.

A user entering a general cash payment (usually a batch driven transaction) will do the following:
Select the 'Transactions - General Ledger - Cash Payment' menu option.
A list of batches will be displayed, if a batch already exists for the date of the payment you want to enter then select it, you can use one batch for all transactions in the same month if desired. If it doesn't you will need to create a new batch. Click on the 'New' button and enter the date and any other details as required.
Now select the 'New' button and follow the instructions found here: General Ledger - Cash Payment.

Deleting Transactions

To delete any transaction you need to maintain it first via the 'Transactions' menu. Once the transaction has been selected you can press the 'Delete' button and confirm the deletion. All deletions are recorded in the log file (see View Logs).

If for any reason a transaction cannot be deleted (or maintained) a message will be displayed to the user explaining why.

Entire batches of transactions can also be deleted, this is only allowed after every transaction in the batch is checked to make sure they can be deleted without causing any problems. To delete a batch of transactions select the batch, press the 'Maintain Batch' button then press the 'Delete' button.

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