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Supplier Invoice

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Updated Mon, 14 Aug 2006 14:51

Go to Transactions -> Accounts Payable -> Invoice - GL

When you recieve a bill/invoice from a supplier you would normally enter it using the supplier invoice transaction.
Note: Supplier invoices which relate to stock purchases should not be entered here. They should be entered as New Goods Receipt and invoiced via Invoice Goods Receipts/Credits.

For one-off expenses you may enter these as cash payments. See General Ledger - Cash Payment for more details.

You will usually enter the invoice into a batch of supplier invoices. See General Transaction Notes to get you started.

Enter the supplier name/number.

Invoice No.:
Enter the supplier invoice number. The system will check that no number is re-used within 2 years for each supplier. This is to ensure invoices aren't entered more than once.

Our Reference:
Enter our reference number. This may be an order number or similar.

Invoice Date:
Enter the invoice date. This is used for aging.

Payment Due Date:
If this invoice has no special payment due date leave blank for the default.

Exchange Rate:
If the supplier's balance currency is not NZD (local) then you will be asked to enter an exchange rate. This defaults to the latest rate.

Any narration you enter here will be viewable during enquiries and will print on some transaction reports.

Once you have entered the invoice header details you will be prompted to enter the line items.

Enter a general ledger account code and specify the amout and the tax (either Inclusive, Exclusive or None). You can analyse the invoice to as many accounts as required.


Supplier invoices can be paid by entering a manual supplier payment (Supplier Payment) or via the payment processing option, Supplier Payments.


It is recommended that supplier invoice amounts be entered as tax inclusive. This is to avoid differences in GST rounding.

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