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Supplier Payments

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Entered Fri, 22 Nov 2002 09:40 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 14 Aug 2006 14:33

Go to Processing -> Supplier Payments -> Supplier Payments

This option is used to pay local currency suppliers. To pay overseas suppliers or make any other payments manually then use the Supplier Payment transaction.

Selected Suppliers:
Select the supplier or suppliers to pay. The default is "All Supliers". See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

Period End Date:
The Period End Date will default to the current period end date for Accounts Payable. See Accounts Payable Period End for details.

Set Everything for Payment?:
This is set to "Yes" by default. Change it to "No" if you do not want to set all suppliers for payment.

Click on Display Payment Selections.

Another screen will then display your payment selections. It is advisable to print the "Payments Report" and manually check your supplier statements against the report.
Once that is done click the “Generate Payments” button.

Make sure the payment date is correct, then click on “Go”.

Print Cheques
Print Remittances
Direct Credit Schedule
Invoices Held for Payment


To maintain or delete the payments created from this process you need to maintain the supplier payments batch that was created. Select the "Transactions - Accounts Payable - Payments" menu option (Supplier Payment). See also General Transaction Notes.

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