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Print Remittances

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Entered Fri, 22 Nov 2002 09:45 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 15 Aug 2005 17:05

Go to Processing –> Supplier Payments -> Print Remittances

Printing Remittances is very similar to printing the cheques.

Highlight the batch that you would like to print from (the same one you used for printing the cheques). Click Select Payments.

Select the suppliers you wish to print remittances for, or choose the "Select All" option.

Select the printer for the remittances.

Email Selected Remittances:
This option is set to "Yes" by default. Some suppliers may receive their statements by email. See Supplier Maintenance - Supplier Payment Details for more details.
Enter "No" to force printing of all remittances.

See Emailing Printable Documents for more information.

Before printing remittance advices you need to ensure that a REMIT form has been created, see Utilities - Stationery Layouts.
Contact your FastBase support staff for further details.

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