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Supplier Payment Details

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Entered Tue, 1 Apr 2003 14:55 by Peter Campbell
Updated Thu, 1 Sep 2005 09:12

Balance Currency:
This field determines the currency a suppliers account is maintained in. The default is New Zealand dollars (NZD).

If you have overseas suppliers whose accounts are required to be maintained in their own currency, then enter the required currency here.

Currency descriptions and exchange rates are maintained in Utilities - Currencies.

A supplier's balance and transactions are displayed in the balance currency. Remittance advices, invoices, and credits will also be in the balance currency.

Tax on Invoices:
When entering goods receipts and invoices from this supplier the default tax on prices is usually Exclusive. If you get Inclusive pricing then set this field to "Inclusive". Foreign currency suppliers will automatically have this field set to "None".

Payment Method:
Enter the payment method for this supplier here, either "Cheque" or "Direct".

If this supplier is paid by direct credit a bank account number is also required.

All payments made by direct credit are listed on the Direct Credit Schedule. See Supplier Payments for more details.

Bank Account:
If this supplier is paid by direct credit then enter the supplier's bank account number here. The bank account should be entered as it appears on the deposit slip and will be validated.

Our Account No:
Enter our account number with the supplier, this will be included in the bank payment files so it prints on the suppliers bank statement (direct credits).

Payee Name:
Enter the payee name for this supplier only if it varies from the main supplier name.

Print Remittance?:
You can select to print remittances (Yes, Print), email remittances (Yes, Email) or suppress them (No, suppress).

Remittance Email Address:
If you have selected to email the supplier their remittances then you need to specify the email address. By default FastBase will send the remittance to the email address specified on the Supplier Details page if one isn't entered here.
Currently remittances are only emailed when they are printed via the Processing menu option: Vendor Payments - Print Remittances.
For further information see Emailing Printable Documents.

Main Payment Terms:
Enter the main method of payment you use with this supplier, only enter when it is non-standard, eg, bank draft details.

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