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Frequently Asked Questions - Customers/Invoicing

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Entered Wed, 27 Nov 2002 11:59 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 9 Jan 2006 09:19

How do I reprint an invoice/credit note?
How do I print/reprint a customer delivery label?
How do I enter courier ticket numbers against a packing slip, invoice or stock branch transfer?
How do I find out what batch my (Account, Customer, Stock, Supplier) transaction is in?
How can I charge out items linked directly to GL accounts?
How do I change a customer invoice after it has been generated?
How do I change the date on a customer invoice after it has been generated?

How do I credit a customer who has been overcharged for an item?
How do I credit a customer freight only?
How do I charge the customer a re-stocking (surcharge) fee when crediting goods?

How do I transfer money between a Customer (who owes us money) who is also a Supplier (who we owe money to)?
How do I refund a customers overpayment?
How do I enter a dishonoured cheque in FastBase?

How do I reprint a packing slip?
How do I create a customer invoice with no tax?

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