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FastBase Setup Script (SETUP.DAT)

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Entered Wed, 20 Nov 2002 12:35 by Peter Campbell
Updated Fri, 1 Aug 2003 10:15

The file setup.dat contains information about FastBase that is used by every computer accessing the software.
The file is text only and can be edited with any standard text editor (like wordpad or notepad).

Remote access clients can also have a local configuration file, local.dat. This file is read after the setup.dat file. It is a local file and is not updated from the remote server. See FastBase Remote Access.

In addition to the setup file there is also the option of having a configuration file on each workstation that will override some of the default settings. This file is in the exact same format as the setup.dat file but is located in C:\ of each computer and is called fastbase.dat. This file is optional.

System Settings

Setup.dat - Database Settings
Setup.dat - Email Settings
Setup.dat - Screen/Font Settings
Setup.dat - Backup Settings
Setup.dat - Remote Support
Setup.dat - Remote Printers
Setup.dat - System Settings


Setup.dat - Company Preferences
Setup.dat - Sales Orders
Setup.dat - Purchasing
Setup.dat - Customer
Setup.dat - Part Preferences
Setup.dat - Invoicing


Setup.dat - Workstation Settings
Setup.dat - Other Settings
Setup.dat - Label Settings
Setup.dat - Internet/Web-Site Options

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