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Entered Thu, 3 Apr 2003 14:24 by Peter Campbell
Updated Wed, 6 Aug 2003 16:35

set setup(sort_purchase_lines) "E"
Purchase order lines can be sorted by entered sequence (E) or part number order (P).
This applies to when a purchase order is maintained, printed and receipted.

set setup(release_control_report) 1
This option determines the default for printing the "Packing Slip Control Report" after receipting goods. The report can still be printed optionally, this is just the default setting, either yes (1) or no (0).

set setup(goods_receipt_options) 0
If this option is turned on (1) then when goods are receipted you can change the branch at the last minute, you can also print a stock list report.
The reason for changing the branch is that you may have "In-Transit" branches and want to store the stock in that branch until such time that all stock has been processed and is ready for sale.

set setup(goods_receipt_total) 0
Turn this option to show the line item extension on the goods receipt maintenance screen. By default only the quantity and unit price are displayed.

set setup(purchase_order_customer) 0
If this option is turned on (1) then you must enter a customer for every purchase order. This is a way of ensuring goods are ordered only when a customer is buying them.

set setup(suggested_sales_months) 6
This is the default number of months of sales history to print on the Suggested Order Generation report. Valid values are 1-36.

set setup(purchases_report_type) ""
If this option is set to "AB" the default columns change from BO, On Order, Unit Cost, Cur, Unit to On Order, B/O, Indents, Stock.
Additional customisations may be made in future.

set setup(use_working_rate) 0
Set this option to use the working rate instead of the day to day exchange rate as entered in Utilities - Currencies. This is only used during receipting of goods for stock costing. See New Goods Receipt.

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