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Product Labels (Label Printer)

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Entered Fri, 15 Jul 2005 10:43 by James Thambuswamy
Updated Mon, 25 Jul 2005 08:52

Go to Reports -> Labels -> Product Labels (label printer).

The information contained in this document is only relevant to Label Printers that use sticky label rolls and not A4 sheets.
To print these labels usually requires a special label printer, not a standard laser or inkjet printer.
Contact your FastBase support staff to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Note: This option will not work until it has been configured by FastBase to produce labels that you require specifically on the label printer model(s) that you have.

Account Selection:
The "Standard Selection" option produces labels for a list of products.

The "List" option allows the user to individually enter a list of products to produce labels for. When this option is selected, click on the "NEW" button to enter each individual product and the quantity of labels to print.

Selected Products:
Select the products to produce labels for. The default is "All Products". See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

Output Device:
The output device must be the label printer. The label printer can be specified as the default by setting the printer's "Output" to "INLABEL". See Utilities - Printers for more details.

Product labels can be configured to include any product information that you require. Contact your FastBase support staff to discuss your requirements.

Product labels can also be printed directly from a New Goods Receipt, for each item receipted.

Label printers will need to be calibrated prior to printing labels. Please refer to your printer manual for instructions on calibrating the printer.

Your FasBase system needs to include the Inventory "LABEL" Form (under Utilities - Stationery Layouts) for labels to print.

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