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Entering a new Service Job

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To start entering a new Service Job select 'Service - New Job'.
This is a similar process to Entering a New Sales Order.

As a minimum on the first screen you will need to enter the customer. Once you have done this press the 'Save' button.

Once you have saved the job header you will be asked if you want to enter the equipment items being serviced.

Entering Equipment

Equipment refers to the items being serviced. Items entered here may be stock items stored in FastBase but this is not a requirement. Full service history by individual item will still be available.

To enter equipment see Entering Equipment.

Entering Parts

Once you have entered the equipment you will be able to enter items used on the job, this includes labour, travel costs and other stock items. Enter these items in the same was as entering items on a sales order; see Entering Line Items.

Job Notes

Job notes can be used to record work that has to be done or faults that have been noted, these notes will print on the job card.

Notes can also be entered as the job progresses.
Each note can be optionally printed on the final invoice when the job is completed.

Job Controls

The job controls screen includes some extra fields specific to service jobs. This includes whether the job has been quoted or not and if the job is completed. See Job Controls for more details.

Other Notes

Jobs can only be invoiced once they are completed; see Job Controls.
By default service jobs will be reported on all sales order reports.
Stock entered on a service job will show as held against stock until such time as the job is completed and invoiced.

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