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Customer Returns (RA's)

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Entered Thu, 29 May 2003 11:37 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 3 Dec 2007 12:12

Go to Order Entry -> Maintain Returns

When customers return goods you can enter a 'Return' instead of a Customer Credit. A return can have notes recorded against it and it can be printed out. A credit note is not created until the return is approved. Approving the credit requires the same security level that it takes to enter a customer credit note.

Returns can also be entered and maintained from within the customer maintenance and customer enquiry screens.

Click on the "New Return" button to start entering a new return. Enter the details as required.

Returns have an automatic expiry date, this defaults to 30 days from today's date but can be altered. See FastBase Setup Script (SETUP.DAT) for details.

One return can be used to credit multiple invoices. When an invoice is selected for credit the computer will automatically add all lines to the return. Any existing credits will automatically be taken off the return. There can only be one active return for any given invoice.

A return authorisation form must be set-up. See Utilities - Stationery Layouts, reference AR/RETURN.

When the return is approved for credit the computer first saves the return and let you print the return form before displaying the credit note entry screen. If any of the lines being credited contain serial numbers you must maintain these lines and select the correct serial numbers to be credited.

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