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Customer Credit

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Go to Transactions -> Customers/Invoicing (AR) -> Credit Note

A customer credit is used when they return stock, it can also be used when they have been overcharged for something or incorrectly charged.

Customer credits can also be generated from the Customer Returns (RA's) option found within the 'Order Entry' menu.

See General Transaction Notes for details about entering transactions.

Enter the customer name or number (standard lookup available).

Original Invoice:
Enter the invoice being credited. If no invoice number is known you can leave this field blank and a zero value invoice will be created which the credit will be applied against.

Enter the salesperson, this defaults to the customers salesperson. The operator that enters the credit is recorded separately.

Return Branch:
Enter the branch the stock is being returned to. Goods may be invoiced from one branch but returned to another.

Internal Reference:
Enter any reference you like. The credit note will also have a number automatically assigned to it (see Utilities - Transaction Numbering).

Credit Date:
Enter the date the stock is returned.

Line Items

Enter the items being credited. When you are crediting an invoice the system automatically displays only those parts that were on the original invoice. If any parts have already been credited off the invoice then these won't be available for further credit.

You can also add non-diminishing items to the credit.

You can refund the freight (or part thereof) on the original invoice.

If your system has a surcharge account defined (see Utilities - Module: Accounts Receivable, GL Controls) you can enter a customer surcharge (also referred to as a re-stocking fee).

Additional Notes

The credit transaction should be set with a high level of security, see Utilities - Transaction Definitions for details.

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