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Stock Transfer

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Updated Mon, 7 Nov 2005 15:03

A stock transfer is used to transfer stock from one branch to another.
Before entering transactions refer to General Transaction Notes.

Sending Branch:
Select the branch supplying the stock.

Receiving Branch:
Select the branch receiving the stock. Some branches are set-up to automatically receipt transferred stock. See Utilities - Branches for details. Most stock branches will require the transfer to be manually receipted when the goods arrive, this is done via the Receipt Transfers option.

Transfer No:
This is the transfer reference number, usually this is automatically generated (see Utilities - Transaction Definitions).

Internal Reference:
Enter any reference number here, this reference may print on the branch transfer form (see Utilities - Stationery Layouts, reference IN/TRANSFER). System generated transfers typically set this to the sales order number.

The narration can be viewed on screen enquiries and some reports.

Transfer Date:
This is the date the transferred items are taken out of stock.

Line Items

Enter the stock items being transferred, you will be required to enter the part number(s) and quantities only.

Saving the Transfer

When you save the transfer you will be prompted to confirm the delivery details. At this stage you can enter the delivery method and courier tickets. You can also print delivery labels.

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