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Receipt Transfers

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Updated Mon, 7 Mar 2005 11:19

Go to Processing -> Receipt Transfers

This option is used to receipt branch transfers; see Stock Transfer.

Receiving Branch:
By default your branch is displayed as the receiving branch, change this if required to view transfers for other branches.

Select each transfer to confirm the receipt of the goods.
You will need to select the 'Confirm Receipt' button. The goods will move from the 'In Transit' column on the stock enquiry screen to the 'On Hand' column.

If the goods were never sent you can also delete the transfer if required. The stock will automatically be put back into the supply branch.

If goods arrived but they vary from the transfer document then you will need to confirm the receipt as normal but then enter a Stock Adjustment to correct the stock levels. Do this for each branch as required.

Some stock locations/branches can be set-up so this process is not required, the branch is defined with the 'Auto Receipt Transfers?' flag set to yes. See Utilities - Branches.

From the receipt transfers screen you can also print a report of all outstanding transfers.

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