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Stock Adjustment

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Updated Tue, 27 Jan 2004 10:27

A stock adjustment is used to adjust the stock on hand quantity up or down. Stock adjustments can also be used to re-value stock (write-up or write-down).
Before entering transactions refer to General Transaction Notes.

Enter the General Ledger account for stock adjustments, usually general stock adjustment or write-down account. See Utilities - Transaction Definitions for details about setting the default GL account.

Select the branch where the stock is being adjusted in or out.

This is the date the items are adjusted. A date cannot be entered prior to the current inventory period end date (see Inventory Period End).

The narration can be viewed on screen enquiries and some reports.

Line Items

Enter the stock items being adjusted, you will be required to enter the part number(s) and quantities.

When adjusting stock out you cannot change the cost price, the system will use the actual stock cost at the time of the adjustment.

When adjusting stock in you must enter the cost price.

Press the 'Save' button to save the transfer.

See Stock Writedowns for automatic stock writedowns of selected parts.
See also: Changing Stock Costs.

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