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Stock Sales Analysis

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Updated Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:35

Go to Reports -> Sales -> Stock Sales Analysis.

This report is designed to cover almost all sales reporting requirements for products. The report has many options which make it very flexible. Below is a detailed description of each option (some common reports are described below to help you better understand how these options work).

Selected Products:
Select the products to report on. The default is "All Products". See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

Selected Customers:
Select the customers to report on. The default is "All Customers". See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

Period Start Date:
Period End Date:
Enter the date range to report. This will be treated as the selected period. If you select to print YTD or LYTD figures (see "Report Columns") the computer will work out the dates automatically.

Product Sequence:
You can sort the report by part, description, product type, product category or a combination of these values.

Detail Required:
You can print anything from a summary report (no part details, just sales totals) to detail including individual line items.

Report Columns:
You can specify what periods to print figures for. The default is the selected period only. You can also print the YTD figures or LYTD figures. You can also specify a date range covering several months and have the system produce one set of columns for each month.

Include COS/Profit?:
Enter "Yes" if you want to print the cost, profit and profit% columns.

Include Qty Sold?:
Enter "Yes" if you want to print the quantity sold.

Print Budgets?:
Enter "Yes" to print budgets. The Detailed Required field has to be set to "None (summary only)".

Enter "Yes" to start each new section on a new page. This applies when the "Product Sequence" option is set to product type or category.

More Options

The following options are provided to enhance the stock sales report and provide more applications for its use.

Print Available Qty?:
Select "Yes" to include the available quantity column. Any part which has an available quantity will also be reported, even if no sales were recorded for the selected period.

Print Last Purchase?:
Select "Yes" to print the last purchase date and quantity received.

Print Credits Only?:
Select "Yes" to include credit transactions only, ie: suppress all sales.

Print Cost Price?:
Select "Yes" to show the current cost price of each reported stock item.

Output Device:
Select the output device for the report. See Creating Reports - General Comments for details.

Run Report.

Common Reporting Options

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Updated Wed, 28 Jan 2004 09:59

To print a standard part sales report do not change any options, simply select "Run Report".

To print a sales report showing totals for each product type change the "Part Sequence" option to "Sort by Type and Part number". Set the "Detail Required" option to "None (summary only)".

See Customer Sales Analysis Report for details about running customer driven sales reports.

Additional Notes

This report includes the Saved Reports feature.

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