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New Stock Take

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Go to Processing -> Stock Taking -> New Stock Take

Selected Branch:
Select the branch to create the stock take for. The default is set to 'All branches'.

Selected Products:
Select the product or products to be included in the new stock take. See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

Sort Sequence:
Specify how you want to count the parts, whether by product type, part number or by stock bin location.

Selected Locations?:
Enter 'Yes' to select parts by their bin location. A list of all bin locations will be displayed, you will be able to select multiple locations from the list provided.

Suppress Zero Qty Parts?:
Enter 'Yes' to suppress all parts that currently have zero quantity on hand.

Output Device:
Select the output device for the stock take.

Starting a new stock take will create a snap-shot of all selected products and their current quantities.

A report is produced for each branch that a stock take is being created for, this includes the following note regarding any outstanding order lines:

The following order lines are held against stock as at the stock take start.
You should ensure the quantity on order is included in the count regardless of whether the order has been despatched or not.

For each order that is listed you should check to ensure the stock is on site and will be counted. The computer does not know whether the stock has actually been delivered to the customer or not. It is recommended that any outstanding orders be invoiced before starting a stock take to alleviate this problem.

If you have multiple branches and transfer stock between them then the following message will also be displayed:

Any stock on unreceipted branch transfers should not be included in the count.
Print the Outstanding Transfers report from within the "Receipt Transfers" menu option.
See Receipt Transfers.

The stock should be counted as soon as possible. If any stock is taken out before it is counted then it should be noted on the shelf so it is manually added to the count. Failure to control the stock like this will result in errors.

It is preferably that no stock transactions are carried out while a stock take is in progress, for this reason sometimes it is more manageable to carry out rolling stock takes on smaller groups of product.

The rest of the stock take process is carried out using the following options:

Stock Take - Print Count Sheets
Stock Take - Enter Count Figures
Stock Take - Print Variance Report
Stock Take - Update Counted Figures

Other options:

Pre-print Count Sheets
Stock Take - Cancel Stock Take
Print History

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