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Pre-print Count Sheets

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Updated Mon, 7 Mar 2005 14:35

Go to Processing -> Stock Taking -> Pre-print Count Sheets

This report can be used to print stock take count sheets prior to actually creating a stock take.
You may want to do this to prepare for the stock take process to save time.

Selected Branche:
Select the branch to print the stock take sheets for, select 'All Branches' if desired.

Sort Sequence:
Specify how you want to sort the parts, either by product type/part number or by stock bin location.

Selected Products:
Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing

Selected Locations:
Enter 'Yes' to select parts by their bin location. A list of all bin locations will be displayed, you will be able to select multiple locations from the list provided.

Page Breaks?:
Enter 'Yes' to start each new product type (if sorting by product type) or bin location (if sorting by location) on a new page.

Suppress Zero Qty's?:
Enter 'Yes' to suppress all parts that currently have zero quantity on hand.

Print Qty on Hand?:
Enter 'Yes' to include the current quantity on hand. Sometimes it is desirable to print this on the stock take count sheets.

Double Space Report?:
Enter 'Yes' to leave a blank line between all parts, this will make the report easier to write on.

Output Device :
Select the output device for the stock take count sheets.

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