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Installing FastBase on the Server Computer

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Entered Wed, 20 Nov 2002 12:13 by Peter Campbell
Updated Tue, 13 Jun 2006 11:45

The contents of the CD need to be installed on the server (C:\FBASE directory). See Checklist (CD Contents).
The MySQL database needs to be installed on the server.
The configuration script (C:\FBASE\NEW\SETUP.DAT) needs to be maintained.

Quick Installation Summary

  • Install MySQL
  • Add the 'fbase' user to MySQL
  • Ensure binary logging is enabled
  • Install ActiveTcl
  • Install/configure the database
  • Configure the backup procedure
  • Add 'fbserver' to the 'Startup' folder
  • Configure the Internet router for remote access

Full Installation:

Install MySQL

Run the mysql installation program, which should be found in the C:\FBASE directory as "mysql-essential-4.1.11-win32.msi".

Follow the instructions here.

Edit the Setup Script

The FastBase configuration file (C:\FBASE\NEW\SETUP.DAT) needs to be maintained to set the server IP address, default database name among other things.
See the following link for full details: FastBase Setup Script (SETUP.DAT)

Installing a Database

To install an existing database first stop the mysql server (net stop mysql), then copy all files from the existing database to the \MYSQL\DATA\database_name directory. Then start mysql (net start mysql).

Creating a New Database

To create a new database first run mysql and type "create database *name*;". This creates a directory in the \MYSQL\DATA directory.
Now from the command prompt type "c:\tcl\bin\tclsh84 database.tcl", then run FastBase for this new database.

Installing the FastBase Software

Now proceed with Installing FastBase on a Workstation Computer.
It is recommended that you do the full workstation installation on the server, ensure that FastBase works correctly, then install and configure the software on each workstation computer.

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