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Installing FastBase on a Workstation Computer

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Entered Wed, 20 Nov 2002 11:56 by Peter Campbell
Updated Tue, 13 Jun 2006 11:46

As a minimum you need to install Tcl on each computer. See Checklist (CD Contents).
You should have a drive mapped on each computer to the server FBASE directory (eg: X:\), this directory should contain all necessary programs to install.

Installing Tcl

Install the Tcl software, do this by running the program "ActiveTcl...exe" from the shared drive.
Follow all prompts and select only the defaults with the exception of (about the third screen) that asks if you want to install it for the current user or all users. Make sure all users is selected.
The default location should be C:\Tcl.
There may be later versions of Tcl on the Internet, only install version 8.4.x at this stage. There are known problems with 8.4.4 and 8.4.6 on Windows 98 machines.

A more detailed installation document is available here.

Once Tcl has been installed you can create a shortcut to the file X:\NEW\AS.TCL (X: being the shared drive letter).
Test this short-cut. The log-in user ID is "TEST". Password is also "TEST".

NOTE: If you experience printing problems from FastBase, please see Printer Troubleshooting.

The following options would only be required for special cases and extended graphics support. Your FastBase support staff will advise you if they are required.

Installing Graphing Software

To install the graph software run the program "blt2_4u-for-8_3.exe" from the shared directory. When prompted for the directory to save the files change this to "C:\Tcl". The graph software is not usually required.


Some older workstations may be missing other required components which are considered standard on modern computers.
Currently there are no known problems.

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