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Printing Invoices and Credits

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Entered Thu, 31 Oct 2002 16:14 by Peter Campbell
Updated Wed, 18 Jun 2008 09:19

Go to Processing -> Print Invoices/Credits

This option is used to print invoices and credits. You can print individual invoices, invoices by date range, invoices by selected batch(es) or invoices by customer.

Printing a single invoice/credit

To print an individual invoice or credit simply enter the reference number in the first field provided. As soon as you press Enter the invoice/credit will print to the default printer.

Printing multiple invoices

Select Invoices by:
Select invoices by Batch, Customer, Date Range or Selected Customers. The default is selecting invoices by "Batch".

Start Date:
End Date:
Enter the date range to select invoices for. If selecting by batch then ensure the date range includes the date of the batch.

If selecting invoices by customer you will be asked to select the customer.

Selected Customers:
If selecting invoices for a group of customers you can specify the customers here. See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

Include Sub Transactions:
If selecting invoices by customer you can select to include transactions for sub-accounts. Enter "Yes" to include sub-account transactions (the default).

Running Invoices Only?:
When printing invoices you can select to print invoices for running invoice customers only. See Customer Preferences for more details. Refer to the "Invoice Print Type" field.

Copy Only?:
Select "Yes" to print the wording "Copy Only" on the invoice. This will be dependent on the invoice forms being set-up correctly. Refer to Utilities - Stationery Layouts for more details.

Select the printer you want to print the invoice to.

Force printing of all invoices?:
This option is set to "No" by default. Some customers may receive their invoices by email. See Customer Maintenance - Customer Preferences for more details. Entering "Yes" will mean that all invoices, even those for customers who normally have them emailed, will be printed.

For customers that receive their invoices by email these will be emailed as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents.

Once you have made your selections click on the "Continue" button. A list of batches or invoices will be displayed. Select individual batches or invoices to print or click on the "Select All" button as required.

When selecing invoices by batch (the standard method for bulk printing your invoices each week, fortnight or month) all invoices in each selected batch will print.

Click "Print" when ready.

Additional Notes

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