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Print Customer Statements

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Entered Thu, 31 Oct 2002 14:58 by Peter Campbell
Updated Wed, 18 Jun 2008 09:19

Go to Processing -> Customers -> Print Statements

This option is used to print customer statements. This process is normally run after carrying out the month end procedures for Accounts Receivable. See Accounts Receivable Period End for details.
Messages can be printed on statements. See Printing Messages on Stationery Forms for more details.

Selected Customers:
Select the customer or customers to print the statements for. The default is "All Customers". See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

By default all customers with a credit or zero balance will be suppressed (see 'Minimum Balance' below).

Customers with the "Suppress Statement" flag set will also be suppressed. See Customer Preferences for more details.

Print Statements:
Select a subset of the selected customers based on the Customer's 'Print Statement' field. See Customer Preferences for more details. Options:

  • All - all selected customers.
  • Email only - only those customers who have their statements emailed.
  • Fax only - only those customers who have their statements faxed.
  • Print only - only those customers who have their statements printed.

Last Customer Printed:
Enter the name or number of the last customer printed and the statements from that customers onwards will print.

Period End Date:
This will default to the current period end date for accounts receivable.

Customer Sequence:
Specify the customer sequence. You can also group the customers by name, number, branch, salesperson and current.

Minimum Balance:
Enter a large negative value if you want to print statements for customers with credit balances. This will also print statements for customers with a zero balance (but zero balance statements only print if the customer has transactions within the current month). The default minimum balance can be set in the setup.dat file. See Setup.dat - Customer, re: setup(statement_minimum_balance).

Print Zero-Value Invoices:
Select 'No' to suppress any transactions with a value of 0.

Output Device:
Statements are printed using the stationery layout form "STATEMENT". See Utilities - Stationery Layouts for more details.

Force printing of all statements?:
This option is set to "No" by default. Some customers may receive their statements by email. See Customer Maintenance - Customer Preferences for more details. Entering "Yes" will mean that all statements, even those for customers who normally have them emailed, will be printed.

Statements can be emailed directly to customers. They are emailed as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) attachment.
The option to email customers their statements will save you time and money by not having to print, fold and post them.

Statement Won't Print?

If a statement for a customer doesn't print there are several reasons why this might occur:
  • The customer has a zero (or credit balance) as at the process date.
  • The customer has the 'Suppress Statement' field set to Yes - see Customer Preferences.
  • The customer has a parent account - see Customer Account Details.
  • The customer statement is getting emailed directly to the customer. If this is the case change the above option "Email selected Statements?" to No.

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