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Maintain Purchase Order

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Updated Mon, 7 Aug 2006 15:19

Go to Purchasing -> Maintain Purchase Order

The purpose of the "Maintain Purchase Order" option is so that you can change details of a purchase order that has already been generated.

Enter your unique number in the "Purchase Order No" field if you know it. If you do not, then you can enter the supplier or the part. All active purchase orders for that supplier, or including the specified part, will be listed in the screen below.

Once you have found the order you would like to maintain, you will be able to change all details except for the actual puchase order number and the user who created the order.

To receipt a purchase order into stock see New Goods Receipt for details.

For further details about entering purchase orders see Entering a New Purchase Order.

FastBase can be configured so that low level users cannot print and authorise purchase orders. See Purchase Order Authorisation under Utilities - Module: Purchasing for details.
Users with less than level 9 security will not be able to maintain an un-authorised purchase order.

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