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Customer Aged Trial Balance

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Updated Thu, 7 Jul 2005 15:45

Go to Reports -> Financial -> Customer Aged Trial Balance.

This report shows all customers with an outstanding balance at any given date.

Selected Customers:
Select the customers to report on. The default is "All Customers". See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

Period End Date:
The period end date defaults to the curent period end date for accounts receivable.

Customer Sequence:
Specify the customer sequence, you can also group the customers by salesperson, branch or currency.

Normally all figures are reported in local currency (NZD). If you are sorting the customers by currency then you can have the values printed in that currency.

Age Analysis:
The customer aging can be 3 or 5 months. Specifying 3 months will mean the report is narrower and may print using a larger font.

Detail or Summary:
The summary report will give one line per customer (totals only). The detail report will include all unpaid invoice details - for open item accounts only.

Double Space Report?:
Select "Yes" to leave a blank line between all accounts.

Print Last Receipt:
Select "Yes" to include the last receipt amount and date.

Summary Report Options:

Overdue Days:
This option only prints accounts with overdue balances.

Overdue Amount:
Enter an amount. The report will print balances that have amounts equal to or greater than the entered amount.

Output Device:
Select the output device for the report. See Creating Reports - General Comments for details.

Run Report.

See Accounts Receivable (AR) Reconciliation if the customer aged trial balance report does not balance with the debtors control account.

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