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Customer Listing

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Entered Mon, 9 Dec 2002 11:58 by Peter Campbell
Updated Thu, 7 Jul 2005 16:36

Go to Reports -> Miscellaneous -> Customer Listing.

This report lists customers based on options selected by the user.

Selected Customers:
Select the customers to list. The default is "All Customers". See Selecting Accounts for Reports & Processing.

Sort Sequence:
Customers are sorted in Alphabetical order by default. Select a criteria from the list to change the sort sequence.

Print Address:
Customers postal addresses are reported by default. This could be changed to single or multiple delivery addresses if required.

Print Contact Name?:
Enter "Yes" to print the customers contact name.

Print Email Address?:
Enter "Yes" to print the customers email addresses.

Print Alert Message?:
Enter "Yes" to print the alert messages recorded against customers.

Print Credit Limit?:
Enter "Yes" to print the credit limit of customers.

Print Last Sale Date?:
Enter "Yes" to print the date of the last sale made to each customer.

Print Type? :
Enter "Yes" to print the type of each customer in a separate column.

Output Device:
Select the output device for the report. See Creating Reports - General Comments.

Run Report.

New Customer Report

Any customer report can be run for "new" customers only, follow the instructions below for an example:

1. Select the Customer Listing report from the Reports - Miscellaneous menu.
2. Press F1 on the "Selected Customers" prompt.
3. Select the "More Options" button.
4. Enter the date for new customers in the "New Accounts Since" field.

Only customers which were created on or since the entered date will be reported.

Other Notes

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