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Maintain Web Display Status

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Entered Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:50 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 7 Mar 2005 14:11

Go to Maintenance -> Miscellaneous -> Maintain Web Display Status

This option is used to maintain the web display status of selected parts.
The web display status can also be changed with the Part Selling Details screen.

There are different ways of bringing up a product to be enquired upon. The product number and the product name are the easiest to use. Products can be searched for, based on:
Product number, Product name, keyword search, Product type, Product manufacturer or Supplier.

The search function has been designed in such a way that when a user enters a part of a number or text in the relevant above mentioned fields, products that contain those numbers or text will be displayed. The user can then select the product if it is displayed or try another search option.

Include Disabled?:
All disabled products will be included by default . Change this "No" to exclude disabled products.

Include Deleted?:
Deleted products are not included by default. Change this to "Yes" to include deleted products.

The web display options can be tailored to suit your companies web site requirements; see Setup.dat - Internet/Web-Site Options for details.

The default web display options are: No, Yes, Special & Flier.
Special links may be created on your web site to display special or flier products.

This menu option is only available if you have the internet/web site module in FastBase.

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