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Account Transaction Enquiry

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Updated Wed, 10 Dec 2003 10:13

This option is used to enquire on transactions, locating them by date, reference, order number, narration or amount.
See General Transaction Notes for details about entering transactions.

Select the transaction type to view, all transaction types will be displayed by default.

Select the branch to view, all branches are displayed by default. This is the branch recorded on the transaction header.

Enter the reference number (or part thereof). The system will match any transaction which has this value in the reference, order number or internal reference fields.

Enter a value to search. Any transaction with this value appearing in the narration, payee, message or TEXT areas will be matched.

Any transaction (or line item) which has this value will be matched.

Start Date:
End Date:
Enter the date range to view transactions for.
The start and end dates can be left blank to include all transactions, ie: no starting or ending date. It is recommended that you put a date range in first when searching, if no results are found then try widening the date range. When searching a large date range the system may take a long time trying to find matching transactions.

Press the 'Search' button to update the list of displayed batches.

Once the transactions are displayed you can select any one and drill down to view all details. All details are viewable. Where possible links to other source transactions are also provided.

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