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General Ledger Journal

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Updated Tue, 24 Jun 2003 15:49

Journals are used to post directly to the general ledger accounts.
A journal consists of debit and credit transactions which balance to 0.00.

See General Transaction Notes.

Enter the account to post to and the debit or credit value.
You can also enter a reference and narration.

The current batch total will always show at the top of the screen so you can check when the batch balance is zero.

If the batch does not balance you can select the 'Balance Batch' option to create a temporary suspense account posting. This will make the batch balance. You may require this feature when your batch doesn't balance or when you need to exit the journal entry program temporarily to perform another task.

Journals are also created automatically by FastBase for various reasons. Some of these include fixed asset depreciation journals and general ledger updates. See GENERAL LEDGER UPDATE for details.

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