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Supplier Label

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Updated Fri, 8 Jul 2005 14:50

Go to Reports -> Labels -> Supplier Label.

This option is used to manually print delivery labels for suppliers.

Enter the supplier number. The delivery name and adress will be set to the supplier's default.

Delivery Name:
Delivery Address:
If you require a different delivery address press F1 when you are in the "Delivery Name" field. A list of of all other addresses for that supplier will pop up. Highlight the required address and press "enter".

Check the details in the "Attention" field are correct.

Number of Copies:
Change the number of copies if you require more than one.

Output Device:
The label printer should be set by default. See Utilities - Printers for details.

A label form must be defined on your system for this program to work. See Utilities - Stationery Layouts for further details. Reference AP/LABEL. You may need to contact your FastBase support staff for assistance.

Run Report.

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