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Cash Movements Report

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Updated Fri, 8 Jul 2005 15:27

Go to Reports -> Cash & Banking -> Cash Movements Report.

This report shows all payments and receipts analysed by account (suppliers, customers, general ledger).

Bank Account:
Use the default or select the bank account to report on.

Start Date:
End Date:
Enter the date range. All cash payments and receipts for this period will be reported. The date range defaults to the current GL period end processing month.

Detail Report?:
Use the default "Yes" (includes details of each payment/receipt) or enter "No" to print 1 line for each account showing the total payments and receipts.

Output Device:
Select the output device for the report. See Creating Reports - General Comments for details.

Run Report.

The report includes the total receipts & total payments at the end of the report.

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