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General Ledger - Cash Receipt

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Entered Mon, 26 May 2003 15:16 by Peter Campbell
Updated Thu, 16 Jun 2005 16:44

Enter all receipts of cash that aren't applied to debtors here, via the Transactions - General Ledger menu.

When you first select this transaction a list of batches for the current financial period will be displayed. Select an existing batch or press the 'New' button to create a new batch. One batch needs to be created as a minimum for each month, transactions entered into a batch must be dated in the same month as the batch.

It is important that the date of the receipt is the date the money was deposited into your bank account, this is a requirement that will help the Bank Reconciliation process.

Bank Account:
Select the bank account the money was receipted into. Bank accounts are specially flagged General Ledger accounts, see GL Account Maintenance.

Enter the reference number from the cheque or bank statement as applicable.
Leave this field blank and the system will automatically assign the next cheque number. If the cheque number is not the right number then correct it before continuing, the system will automatically set the next cheque number to the one after this.
For direct credits enter "DC" or "Direct" in the reference field.

Drawer Name:
Enter the name appear on the cheque. Enter "Cash" for receipt of cash or "Direct" for direct credit receipt. These details will appear on the Bank Deposit Supplement.

Cheque Bank:
Cheque Branch:
If cheque enter the bank and branch details.

Enter any narration, this can appear on screen enquiries and reports. You are strongly encouraged to enter a narration.

Cash Receipt Date:
Enter the receipt date, it is important that this matches the date the money was deposited or receipted into the bank account.


Once the above details have been entered you will be prompted to enter the analysis, this consists of entering the GL account(s) that the money is being applied to, the amount and tax status (Inclusive, Exclusive or None).

Printing Receipts

If you want to produce printed receipts you need to define a stationery form and specify this form name in the Utilities - Transaction Definitions screen. Sample GL Cash Receipt Form

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