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GL Account Maintenance

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Entered Wed, 2 Apr 2003 12:06 by Peter Campbell
Updated Mon, 7 Mar 2005 11:05

Go to Maintenance -> Account Maintenance

There are different ways of bringing up a GL account to be enquired upon. The GL account number and the customer name are the easiest to use. GL accounts can be searched for, based on:
GL account number, GL account name, keyword search or GL account type.

The search function has been designed in such a way that when a user enters a part of a number or text in the relevant above mentioned fields, GL accounts that contain those numbers or text will be displayed. The user can then select the GL account if it is displayed or try another search option.

If this is the first time you have entered GL accounts you will need to ensure some tables have been set-up in FastBase before starting.

Types - these are necessary to define accounts for classifying their position on the balance sheet or profit and loss statement. See Utilities - Types for details, some types will be added by the system automatically.

Additional tables can be created for specifying the branch and department, see Utilities - Branches and Utilities - Departments for details.

Adding a New Account

Go to Maintenance ->Account Maintenance then click on the "New Account" button.

Account Number:
Enter a unique indentifier for this account. All GL accounts should follow a fairly strict numerical format, it is not essential but will make life easier. Allow room in the numbering sequence for adding new accounts, this is not essential but will help identify accounts in their respective groups.

Enter the description for this account, be consistent with your naming conventions as this will help users when searching for accounts when entering their transactions.

GL Account Details

More Options

GL Account Balances
GL Account Budgets
GL Account Notes and Alerts
GL Account Transactions
GL Account Copy Account (New Record)

Deleting An Account

See Deleting Accounts for details.

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