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Updating Photos from Client site to our Web Server

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Entered Fri, 23 Feb 2007 09:07 by Peter Campbell
Updated Fri, 23 Feb 2007 10:06

This document explains how to set the server to automatically copy photos from the clients server to the Fastbase server.
It is assumed we already have a .dat file for the customer named 'database_name.dat'

Log in to the fastbase server.

Edit the customers .dat file
-> cd /home/fastbase/scripts
-> vi database_name.dat
Add the following lines to the .dat file
set setup(client_server_photos) "../photos"
set setup(web_server_photos) "/var/www/html/database_name/photos"
client_server_photos is the location of the photos on the server.
web_server_photos is where the photos are stored on fastbase.co.nz.

Create the photos directory and change the ownership
-> cd /var/www/html/
if the customers directory does not exist create it and change the ownership
-> mkdir database_name
-> cd database_name
-> mkdir photos
-> cd ..
-> chown fastbase.fastbase database_name -R

Create a Cron Job
-> cd /home/fastbase/scripts
-> crontabs -e
Insert a cron job similar to the one below in the photos section.
55 03 * * * cd /home/fastbase/scripts ; tclsh website_photos.tcl database_name.dat

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