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Remote Backup for Clients

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Entered Tue, 20 Feb 2007 09:41 by Peter Campbell
Updated Wed, 19 Sep 2007 09:54

This document explains how to establish a backup of a clients database on our web server and configure the web server for automatic backups on a daily basis.


Log into the clients system and grab a backup of all mysql data files from the BACKUP folder (usually C:\FBASE\BACKUP). Use winzip to create a zip file database_name.zip
"pscp" the database zip file back to our server (eg: pscp database_name.zip fastbase@fastbase.co.nz:database_name.zip).

Explore the C:\MYSQL\DATA folder and note down the name of the mysql binary log files. Also note down the number of the second to last file (not the one currently open). eg: servername-bin.000005

Alternatively check the timestamp of the most recently modified database backup file, and note the number of the binlog file with the same timestamp.

When setting up a backup for the first time, update the setup.dat file at the clients site with the mysql binary log name: set setup(mysql_logs) "c:/address/to/servername-bin" (all except the .NNNN). Then restart fbserver.

Now log into our webserver (fastbase.co.nz).
Change to the root user (su).
Change to the mysql data folder:
-> cd /data/mysql
For a new client, make a new directory (same as the clients database name - exactly):
-> mkdir database_name
Modify the file owner:
-> chown mysql:mysql database_name
Change to the new directory:
-> cd database_name
Unzip the files:
-> unzip /home/fastbase/database_name.zip
Modify the files owner #1:
-> chown mysql:mysql *
Modify the files access #2:
-> chmod 660 *
Check case sensitive file extensions:
-> tclsh /home/fastbase/new/zerofile.tcl
Start mysql and create a special table for fastbase:
->mysql database_name
Create a new table
Update this table with the last log number (from the clients server above).
> INSERT INTO WEB_LOG values (5);
Exit mysql
> quit
Refresh the database cache from the new files
> mysqladmin refresh
Exit the root user:
-> exit

For a new client, create a schedule (cron) to automatically update the database daily.
(you will still be logged into fastbase.co.nz, as fastbase).
Change to the scripts directory:
-> cd /home/fastbase/scripts
Create a .dat file for the client (take another clients file), eg:
-> cp asi.dat database_name.dat
Edit the file with "vi". Update the host and database details.
-> vi database_name.dat
Create a schedule (cron) entry as follows:
-> crontab -e
Make another entry, use another client as example (eg: asi). Set a different hour and/or time, typically around 4:00-5:00am.

This should now be complete:

To manually run the update (get the binlogs from the client site) do the following;

Log into fastbase.co.nz (as fastbase).
Change to the scripts directory:
-> cd scripts
Run the file:
-> tclsh binlogs1.tcl database_name.dat
This might take a few minutes. The results should get emailed to support@fastbase.co.nz

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