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Barcode Printing in FastBase

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Entered Wed, 8 Sep 2004 13:51 by Peter Campbell
Updated Fri, 23 Jul 2010 15:19

This web page is intended to provide information about how barcodes can be utilitised in your business in conjunction with FastBase. This page is also intended to include links to various third party products related to barcode scanners.

FastBase now supports printing of barcodes directly onto your printed forms such as packing slips, delivery notes and invoices.

You could print the packing slip number on a delivery note so the warehouse can easily dispatch the goods without having to re-enter the reference number. There are many other applications for printing barcodes to save time and reduce data entry errors.

FastBase can also print barcodes for other items including product labels and other such things.

FastBase does not require any additional hardware to be installed in your printers for this added functionality.
This functionality will work on all laser printers and possibly some thermal or inkjet printers.

If you are interested in utilitising this function please contact FastBase to discuss the options available.

The cost for implementing this feature is $180 + $30 per form (excl. GST).

Any standard barcode scanner can be used, usually they plug into the keyboard socket.
A low-end scanner can be purchased from Dick Smith Electronics, see http://www.dse.co.nz, search for "barcode scanner".
There are many different varieties of high-end scanners available.

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