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Transactions - Part Assembly

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Entered Wed, 2 Apr 2003 11:20 by Peter Campbell
Updated Fri, 23 Nov 2007 11:52

This transaction is used to build up an assembled item from its components.

You will be prompted to enter the assembly part number, the quantity being built-up and the date.

All components for the entered assembly item will automatically be removed from stock and transferred to the assembly item. You can manually edit the component quantities and add new components to suit each individual build.

Click 'Save' when finished and the stock items will be transferred.

Suggested setups:
First, create new "part numbers" for Assembly Part and all its components in Part Maintenance. (unless they already exist in the system).

Second, go to Assembly Part e.g. Assembly1 in the Part Maintenance. And then More Options > Components. In there, use New and put in all the components' part numbers and also the quantities. Then Save.

Third, go to Transaction > Inventory > Part Assembly > Create a new Batch > Create a new line > Put in the Assembly Part No. e.g. Assembly1. and Quantity > All the components and quantity required for the assembly parts will be listed. In the case that one of the components runs out of the stock, FB will give a detailed warning message about the insufficient stock(s).

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